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The "study function"

The “Study Function” is a youth networking and mentoring program that provides at-risk and underprivileged youth in grades 8-12 with opportunities to meet, network with and gain support from their peers while partnering with adult mentors from various professions and industries. By providing a safe space and environment for youth to gather and have fun while acquiring knowledge and skills in areas of their interest, we can, through exposure and experiential learning, make a positive impact to effect change in the lives of at-risk youth.

Study Function Description

The “Study Function” will be held at a different location near an inner-city Middle or High School every month and provide:

  • Food
  • Entertainment
  • Guest Speakers
  • Talent Showcase
  • Youth Mentors
  • Community Resources

Mentors from the Educational, Business, Information Technology, Arts, Entertainment, Sports, Fashion, Law Enforcement, Military, Culinary, and Mental Health Fields will partner with students to establish a mentor/mentee relationship and work together on an entrepreneurial project that will allow students to earn income and gain knowledge, skills and expertise in an area of the students’ interest.